One Month.

Girdwood, Alaska
Girdwood Alaska

So a month has passed since I have embarked on this journey back to the “far north”.   Through a few meltdowns and frustrations, I have learned that this is just what I needed.  I have always been the person that has had 3 things going on at one time, from jobs to school to extra curricular activities.  I really don’t know how to relax!  I originally wanted the first few weeks to be relaxing, but I couldn’t help but feel unproductive sitting and not doing what in my mind was “productive”.  This feeling finally has passed, and each day it has gotten a little easier to TRUST and know that this is not about getting 5 things done a day.  These days of leisure will soon be gone and I need to take as much from them now that I can.  Although I can’t wait to get back to work, I know that this is happening just the way it’s supposed to.  It has been a lesson of patience, trust, and putting myself out there to see what happens.

Since I have returned, I have realized so much that I took for granted.  Alaska has so many healing properties that by just being in this state and appreciating it, changes my perspectives.  I mean this view that I wake up to every morning is remarkable. How lucky am I?  I remember sitting in the same spot not waiting to leave this state and I never realized what was in front of me.  Alaska has something many places can’t say… quiet.  Just being able to BE in the quiet nature lets you appreciate it all.

With my extra time, I have been practicing my yoga a few times a week.  One thing said in yoga the other day resonated with me. “We look at the New Year, new birthday, and even a new day as new beginnings, but really it’s every new breathe we take that we can start a new.”  The symbolism of a breath can mean so much.  Letting all the old out and take in the new…  Just remember, YOU can change any moment and ONLY YOU can change your situation. Each day is different and I experience obstacles daily, but every day I am getting a little better …

Excited to see what happens in this next month! Love and miss all my Reno family!

Looking Forward.



Freedom has come a long way since Martin Luther King JR., but we have a lot to work to still do. When we celebrate people like Mr. King, it really makes me think what am I doing to make this world a better place. What would happen to the human race if we didn’t make progressive changes and speak out or do think out of the ordinary? We would be stagnant, without growth, living for no real purpose. Its people like Martin Luther King that reminds us to think outside the box and accept and cherish our freedom.

Today in TDL, Mastin Kipp made a great point, freedom goes way beyond just the freedom of speech, and it’s the freedom we give ourselves in living. Many of us are causing our own slavery to ourselves.  Each day that we are not doing what truly makes us happy we are allowing ourselves not to be free.  Each day that we make excuses for not being happy and being in a job or relationship that doesn’t support our growth we aren’t allowing our own freedom. Today marks a huge day for me. Tomorrow I will cut the rest of the obligations I continue to fulfill in Reno, and will truly be free to begin my journey towards bettering this world and myself.  Now is when you need to do anything you have been wanting to.  Life isn’t about the destination, but the journey! Start Living!

Now to pay respects to Mr. King, I’m off to the slopes to celebrate my freedom on the mountains! 🙂

The Road to Happiness….

This is the first time if have written in awhile and I apologize for how random some the information is, but I felt that I needed to get it onto paper.

It’s so crazy how life works. Is it fate, destiny… whatever you want to call it, it’s almost a miracle how things come about in life.  These instances that take place bring all these questions that I can’t help but ask… do we manifest these things our self to happen?  What lesson am I supposed to learn this time?   What is the future going to bring? Are my actions unreasonable? Why do I care about others feelings more than my own?

I woke up Christmas Eve morning to the feeling of anger and jealously… to being mad that things have gone the way they have…. mad that I let them get as far as they have… mad that I hurt someone once again.  But it was more than that, I was honestly jealous of something done out of love and appreciation.  I honestly had to look at myself in the mirror and give myself a pep talk and tell myself, that’s not what this holiday is all about.

Now after everything sinks in, and after helping a customer who’s sister passed away three days ago, is last sibling of 15, and all he needed was 25 dollars to buy her some flowers with only three dollars in his acct… then it all comes back into perspective.  I almost burst into tears thinking about how selfish I am.  It almost makes me sick…

This holiday is about being appreciative. It’s about giving without expecting anything in return.  It’s about being thankful for who you get to spend time with and even if its not your perfect ideal… and just be thankful for what you are able learn and share with people this holiday.

One of my favorite things about my job is that it is easy to watch people go throughout the store…. Some rushing around trying to get everything perfect for tonight dinner party, some children so excited for Santa to come, and some that wait all year for their favorite holiday. Yet there are some, some that are so sad, walking with a significant other that they are more scared to leave, but yet they can’t stand. Some that are alone not by choice… you can almost read their eyes and feel the pain and loneliness that’s in their hearts… and I feel it. I wish that they could be happy, that they could feel love… I wish they could let it in…. And yet we are our own worst critiques…

All I ask of you over this holiday season is really think what makes you happy. Ask yourself,

“Am I doing things everyday that support my best interest?”

“Am I happy where I am in life?”

“Am I afraid of change that needs to happen in my life?”

If you answer no to any of these questions, only you can change it. I have made some drastic very difficult decisions and there were many people that I hurt in doing so, but I know that this is the only way that I can truly be happy. We only live once.  Respect others feelings, but don’t forget your own. The only person that you have to live with for the rest of your life is yourself, and until you accept yourself, your flaws, your mistakes, then you (and I) will truly find the road to happiness.


I am a true believer of destiny and of everything happening for a reason, and until recently I have never really seen the beauty of it. Today, I have been able to actually see a light at the end of the tunnel. I used to take everything as such black and white in relationships, when there is really so much gray. And the gray is great. Not every person you encounter or have feelings for will be the one you spend eternity with, but they might just cross your path to teach you a lesson, or they will be just the right pick you up to get you back on track.  This goes so perfectly hand in hand with my life lately.  I was the person who wanted the relationship to BE a relationship, I didn’t want to let go of what I wanted it to be, but when reality was, it was what it was. It was unique, simple, and was Beautiful as is.  It was the first relationship that I have had with an individual where I was 100% honest, both going in with no expectations, but leaving a changed person. I am now a better person, and more confident person than what I was before I met him.  He taught me how to Love, with all my heart, completely unselfishly. He allowed me to look outside the box, and showed me that with determination and persistence there is light at the end of every tunnel. I am not afraid to love anymore. I will love with all my heart, and never be worried about getting anything in return, because giving it away brings me so much more.  Life’s amazing turn brought me to a place I never thought I would be.  Although it’s still painful to think about things not just as where they were, I trust that it’s only the beginning of this beautiful life I have ahead. I won’t give up… Never give up.

Be Yourself

Lately I have had situations in my life come up that made me really begin to think about materialism.  Its inevitable, material things surround us.  They are used for comfort, for security, to make us feel better about our life and often used as a disguise. On so many occasions, we are defined by those material things and not truly for who we really are.   I admit I am the perfect example of a ‘material lover’.  I enjoy having nice things in my life, but at the end of the day, what does it all really mean? The older I get the less I am attached to the unnecessary things surrounding me and it allows me to really recognize what is important. Having nice things is great, but they are not going to create Happiness. Often times we keep who we truly are wrapped up inside of us because we have this idea of what we think people want to see.  Remember there are so many more important things than the materials surrounding you.  BE YOURSELF and don’t let anything else define YOU.  The people you will want in your life will still be there. Happiness comes from within.  And when all is stripped away, it’s just you and the world… we have to learn to become us.

Looking Forward.

Words of Wisdom

I think that Mastin Kipp is an amazing writer and really resonates with people from many generations and walks of life! I will include some of his writings on here from time to time. I hope you enjoy them!


By Mastin Kipp

The edge, it’s so scary

The edge is certain death

The edge is inevitable

When all else falls away

The edge is whats left

So go to the edge

The brink of disaster

Step a little closer now

Poor child, what’s the matter?

The edge is your friend

But a foe in disguise

It’s at the edge’s end

Where you’ll finally come alive

The edge is getting closer now

The edge it is neigh

The edge is before me

I’m pretty sure i’m gunna die

The edge it’s hear now

Right before my very eyes

And right before certain death

I’ve learned how to fly

Quote of the Day

“Those who do not try have already failed.  Those who never give up will NEVER fail!” – TDL

Happy Weekend!!

Words of Wisdom

Well lets just say I love reading inspirational and motivational things. I have been known to cover my facebook with quotes or motivational pieces. I tend to find pieces or write them according to what’s going on in my life.  They help me through whatever is going on and also help bring me back into “living in the moment” and focusing on my goals I want to accomplish.

Quote of the Day: “You become what you think about most of the time.” – Emerson

If you enjoy words of motivation and inspiration make sure to check out The Daily Love and the creator Mastin Kipps blog.