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“Those who do not try have already failed.  Those who never give up will NEVER fail!” – TDL

Happy Weekend!!

The Streets of Cusco, Peru

Cusco, Peru

Main Road in Cusco, Peru

Cusco, the most popular city in Peru, is famous for its Incan history and extreme elevation. Sitting at 11,600 feet, many people have problems adjusting to this altitude and sometimes get altitude sickness if not properly prepared for. Living in Reno, at the elevation 4,505 ft, gave me a huge advantage over my parents, who live in Palmer, AK at just 233 ft. My papa was the only one who ended up not feeling well for a few days, the rest of us just drank Coca tea, known to help with altitude sickness, and took altitude pills that we obtained before the trip.

Coca Tea

Peru has the highest cities in the world, the highest sitting in the Peruvian Andes, La Rinconada at 16,732.  Cusco’s, with literal meaning “rock of the owl”, being in the top 10. Cusco is situated in valley of the mountains, which causes most of the roads to be extremely steep and narrow (as seen below). Cusco’s architecture, which involved a lot of color, and streets were one of my most favorite parts to photograph in Peru. I will be posting a blog later just about Peruvian architecture.

Street in Cusco, Peru

I need to fair warn you if you ever visit,  taking a taxi in Peru is an adventure in itself. As you can see in the above photograph the one way streets are extremely narrow, and often with buildings on each side. Taxi drivers have NO FEAR when it comes to driving. A lot of honking and yelling will become involved. So hold on and maybe close your eyes because you will be in for a roller coaster. Unfortunately the streets in Cusco are not marked very well either in regards to which ones are one way, so best bet is to take a taxi, because driving on your own would just be a complete nightmare.

Fruit Market

One thing you can’t get to much of in Peru is their wide array of fresh fruit and vegetables. There was fruit I have not even heard of that mixed many of our fruits together.  In Peru there are not many grocery stores, so locals will bring their produces, meats, and cheeses out every day to sell them. Each will have a table set up and individuals in the family will take turn staying at the table. Peru’s culture revolves around their family and the importance that each bring in helping the family survive.

Ok, I am going to need to stop continuing on this post now, but there will be more soon on Peruvian Culture and this amazing trip!

Until then…


Graduating college is a huge turning point in your life. You have to begin to think about a career, what you want to be as a person, and what you next steps to your goals are. For me specifically, I was worried about having the same job that I have for 3 years and I just wanted movement. After graduation, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to go to Peru with my family. A trip, intended for vacation, ended up being a huge turning point in how I think about the life and the world.  It made me realize how lucky I am to be who I am and where I am in life.  Although I will be unable to post all of the 3000 photos that I took on that ten day trip. I decided to periodically post a photo or two that took and give the story behind the photo. Be looking later today for my first photos!

And so it begins…

Words of Wisdom

Well lets just say I love reading inspirational and motivational things. I have been known to cover my facebook with quotes or motivational pieces. I tend to find pieces or write them according to what’s going on in my life.  They help me through whatever is going on and also help bring me back into “living in the moment” and focusing on my goals I want to accomplish.

Quote of the Day: “You become what you think about most of the time.” – Emerson

If you enjoy words of motivation and inspiration make sure to check out The Daily Love and the creator Mastin Kipps blog.

The Golden Gate Bridge

A last minute day trip to the Bay turned into a photography frenzy of the Golden Gate Bridge. Since I was a child I have always been fascinated by architecture and the thought processes one goes through when creating their architectural pieces.

Golden Gate Bridge at sunset

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of my favorite bridges, maybe for one reason being its vibrant color that could not be encored, but also how it has become the recognized symbol of San Francisco and even the whole west coast.  The Golden Gate Bridge was the longest suspension bridge span in the world when it was completed during the year 1937, and still is the second longest suspension bridge span in the US.

Work on the Golden Gate Bridge

What I love so much about the photo above is that it reminds me of how much work it was to create this bridge in the 30’s.  This bridge is very iconic to world travelers and its creation made San Francisco, “The City” on the west coast.


Finally!!!  I am starting to add some photos!  You will learn quickly that I don’t leave home without a camera, and that I can be caught in the middle of an adventure with only a camera by my side.  The act of taking pictures is a type of meditation for me. I can visit a place many different times, but when looking through a lens, its almost like its brand new all over again. Im excited to begin this blog and begin to share some of the amazing things that I have the opportunity to enjoy!!

2nd Saturday, Sacramento

2nd Saturday, Sacramento

Sacramento has some hidden treasures!! A few weeks back I went to Sacramento for a short get away and was able to experience 2nd Saturday. This event is full of artists, in the extreme degree, from spray painting, to spinning (with records), to jazz, and many photography artists as well.  A once quiet street in Midtown Sacramento becomes full of life on 2nd Saturday. If you are planning a trip to Sacramento, plan on taking a trip around the 2nd Saturday of the month. This a event that I strongly recommend checking out!

Signing the Traveling Door

The Traveling Door is photography blog where a blank door is set up in random locations and its visitors are able to sign their name on the door. While signing, there is a camera set up to take photos in a fish eye view (like the view of looking through a peep hole) of people signing the door. We were able to catch them on their test run of the idea in Sacramento.

Welcome to my world!

I have finally started my blog! I’m excited to be able to give you all a insight to my life and my view of the world. Follow me in my life’s adventures through the things I enjoy most; traveling, music, food, photography, and just living!