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So here it is. My list of 30 things that I would like to do before I’m 30. It will probably change over the next few years, but as of now – this is it.

  1. Have a photography art showing
  2. Sell one of my photos
  3. Have a professional Photography site that is up to date
  4. Do some WORK as a photographer, i.e. GET PAID!
  5. Run a Half Marathon – (October 15, 2011)
  6. Run a Marathon
  7. Have 10K in an emergency savings, 5K saved for travel and no debt
  8. Move to a place that satisfies my need for Art, Music, Diversity, Food, Outdoors, and Nightlife – Seattle!
  9. Learn to sew and create a one of a kind piece of clothing
  10. Have a job that’s challenges me, causes me to be creative, and allows me to travel
  11. Do the splits vertical, yoga pose called “stick” and handstand, against wall
  12. Create a recipe all my own
  13. Have a six pack at one point
  14. Get a tattoo… or two!
  15. Go on a backpacking adventure
  16. See Europe
  17. Hang glide
  18. Learn to speak Spanish fluently… again!
  19. Create my own logo
  20. Become experienced in graphic design
  21. Go to Coachella
  22. Paint a piece of art for my home
  23. Learn to relax and truly BE in the moment, do this through yoga, meditation, etc.
  24. Take two months off to travel– experience culture and live out of a backpack
  25. Solo an airplane
  26. Buy a house
  27. Learn everything about wine
  28. Dance!
  29. Knit a beanie
  30. And most importantly… be thankful every day that I have a wonderful group of people who I love in my life, do my best to live with no expectations, and love without expecting anything in return


Some fun facts about me!

  • Born and raised in Palmer, Alaska
  • I have traveled to New Zealand (twice), the Cook Islands, Peru, Tahiti, Mexico, Bahamas and a lot of places around the US. Hopefully I will be adding a lot more to this list soon!
  • I have been bungy jumping and sky diving
  • I run Half Marathons and Triathlons – hopefully a full Marathon on day
  • I’m in love with Photography. Everything about it.
  • I have a passion for food. Eating it, cooking it, enjoying it – expecially with people I love.
  • I have driven 3 different Volvos – I think I like them.
  • I am a ninja. Well not quite a ninja, but I did receive my 2nd degree black belt at age 13.
  • I was home schooled until the 7th grade
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