Run… Nessa Run!

Well it’s obvious that I have been running. Running a lot! I keep getting asked what crazy pill I ingested when I decided to run 5 races in 4 weeks! To be honest, I’m beginning to wonder myself.

I have had the Twilight 12k (last week), the Run for Women (yesterday – 5 miles), a 5K (today), the Why Not Tri (my FIRST TRIATHLON – next week – so nervous – what was I thinking?) and the grand finale being the Mayors Half-Marathon on June 23rd! I am really going to need that trip to Denver after all of these!

I’m halfway through, but this next couple weeks are going to be intense! Training for these races is a huge commitment – mentally and physically. I’m glad that I am doing them, but I have learned my lesson in having them back to back.

Thats all the time I have. Back to training!

Here are some of the photos from the last few weeks of races.

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