The In – Between

Everyone has to go through this stage in life…. The in between. The place where we have to figure out what we really want to be in life and how we can we really get there. The place where we will decide which person we want to be with us during this life. The place where we will have to make sacrifices to begin the journey we KNOW we have to make.
This is the hardest place in an adults life. We no longer have the luxuries of hiding behind school, having our college friends around and social outings that fill up our calendar. We may have to move away from our closest friends and begin this journey alone. We may stay unemployed for months or take a job we don’t like to figure out the next step we have to take. We will make make mistakes. Never settle. No one said it would be easy. Believe in yourself and don’t stop searching until you find it. All your hard work will pay off. Have patience and trust.

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