2nd Saturday, Sacramento

2nd Saturday, Sacramento

Sacramento has some hidden treasures!! A few weeks back I went to Sacramento for a short get away and was able to experience 2nd Saturday. This event is full of artists, in the extreme degree, from spray painting, to spinning (with records), to jazz, and many photography artists as well.  A once quiet street in Midtown Sacramento becomes full of life on 2nd Saturday. If you are planning a trip to Sacramento, plan on taking a trip around the 2nd Saturday of the month. This a event that I strongly recommend checking out!

Signing the Traveling Door

The Traveling Door is photography blog where a blank door is set up in random locations and its visitors are able to sign their name on the door. While signing, there is a camera set up to take photos in a fish eye view (like the view of looking through a peep hole) of people signing the door. We were able to catch them on their test run of the idea in Sacramento.

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